Dental Marketing Ideas for July

Update: For July 2016 ideas visit here: Dental Marketing Ideas for July 2016


I’m sitting here in sunny Arizona on vacation with my family enjoying this incredibly “cool” 112 degree weather! 😉 A delicious cold ice cream cone would be wonderful right about now, which reminds me that July is National Ice Cream Month and the theme of my marketing campaign for July.

First things first, start this third quarter off by discussing your goals and marketing plans with your entire team. Plan ahead ways to fill and keep the schedule full for August & September as they are typically slower months for some offices.

marketing ideas for dentists

OK now, on to our theme and product/service feature for July: Ice Cream & Desensitizing Agents to treat Sensitivity

July is National Ice Cream Month!

Close to 50% of American’s suffer from or experience tooth sensitivity from time to time. And if they’re not suffering from it, they know someone who is.

This is what you do:

Contact a local Ice Cream Shop and see if they would be willing to donate 4 or 5 FREE Ice Cream Cone Gift Certificates that you will use during the month of July for a weekly drawing that your patients will enter to win. You will also use their name/promote their business during July on social media & your website. 

How will you promote this to your patients? Have a sign posted in the office encouraging your patients to enter to win the free ice cream. Use your social media sites to promote this and post your weekly ice cream cone winners.

What to say: Do you or someone you know experience tooth sensitivity when eating ice cream or other cold foods & beverages? Great news, you do not have to live with this sensitivity – ask us about treatments that can minimize or eliminate that pain!

A marketing plan that requires little time, no extra cost and will boost production and exceed your patients (and potential patients) expectations!

If you would like me to work with your office to create a specific marketing campaign for the month of July or would like further ideas on how to implement the Ice Cream/Tooth Sensitivity campaign such as how to handle patients that are concerned about insurance coverage and fees for desensitizing agents and ways to advertise this campaign. Please contact me today at

Looking ahead to August – Back To School With Healthy Smiles Campaign

Yours for Success,


P.S. Lake Havasu AZ is a very pretty place to visit!


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