Dental “Practice Management” Ideas for October


Practice Management Ideas for October

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Succeed as a Team πŸ˜‰

I had so many ideas to help you make October a great month that I decided to break it up in two categories, Marketing & Practice Management. If you want to read all of the marketing ideas simply visit here Dental Marketing Ideas for October.

Now these things can be done at any time during the year, but sometimes, it helps to have an excuse or a little push. πŸ˜‰

Use it or Lose it! – Get your letters (& phone calls) out to your patients reminding them to use any insurance benefits they have remaining for 2013 to complete any needed treatment or for their continuing care hygiene appointment before they lose them.

Scripting Idea: (Customize according to the treatment needs of each of patient. Re-create the urgency and value.)

2014 is just around the corner! We want to remind you to take advantage of any unused dental insurance benefits. Make sure to use all available benefits to complete any outstanding treatment or for your all important preventive dental hygiene appointment. Almost all plans do not let you rollover unused dollars to the next benefit year. So, Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em!

If you have funds set aside in a flexible spending account (FSA) or healthcare saving account (HSA), now is the time to schedule treatment so your co-payment amounts can be applied to this year’s deductions.

Call us today to schedule your appointment. We find that the holiday season is always our “busy time” and we are certain it is a very busy time for you too. Beat the end of year rush and get in early, our phone number is ……… We’re ready to help you smile healthier & happier in 2014!

Β October 4th is Improve Your Office Day – This is a great time to look at your office with your patient goggles on. What does this mean? As a team, come in the office through the front door. What do your patients see? Poor Signage? Dirty Windows? Weeds in the parking lot? Ugly landscaping?

Now sit together in the reception room. What do you see? Look high and low. Dirty carpeting/flooring? Old magazines? Stained Chairs? Peeling wallpaper? Next you’re going to want to go check out the restroom. Is it clean? Why does it matter so much that the restroom looks good? Because this is the only place your patients will visit unattended. What do they see? Filthy bathroom?, poor quality towels? I promise you that they will look at the restroom and determine the quality and safety of your care from that experience.

Do the same with the rest of your office. Sit in the treatment room chairs. What do you see?

Here’s the thing, don’t do this and settle for less than the best. Work together as a team to see where improvements can be made and more importantly, act on them! Make a plan to Improve Your Office. Look around the office through the eyes of your patients, what do they see, hear, smell and feel?

October 7-11 is Customer Service Week – This is a great team meeting theme. What ideas can you come up with as a team to exceed your patients expectations by consistently delivering excellent customer service.

What do you do when you run late? When the lab screws up a case?

What about comfort? How are you making the visit as comfortable as possible for your patients?

What about your telephone skills? Are you answering the phone during times that patients are most likely to call? (ie: lunch hours and after hours) How about after the treatment – are you making post-op calls? How are you staying in touch with your patients in between their 6 month recare appointments?

Here’s an idea for the fall. Make a list of local fall activities as a hand-out or post them on your website.

October 16th is Boss’s Day – Plan now to make this day special for your boss(es). Great opportunity to show your appreciation for and to brag about the awesome boss in your life.

October 17thΒ is Get to Know Your Customers Day ~ Β Perhaps you could have a Business Card Free Lunch Drawing. Have fun with this day.

Combine these ideas and the marketing ideas and you will have a great October (and final quarter) as a team! Not to mention, your patients will love you for it!

As always, I would love to hear your ideas! Should you need any help implementing these ideas or have any other questions that I can help you answer…I’m ready to help!

Please share my blog with your dental friends.

Yours for Greater Success,



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