Dental Marketing Ideas for November

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Today I will be sharing with you:

Dental Marketing Ideas from Hayden Consulting Betty Hayden

Dental Marketing Ideas for November

Many of you will be starting off the month of November hosting and celebrating your office Candy Buy Back events. Be sure to alert the local TV news, online & print newspapers and social media sites about these events.

Do you have any patients with incomplete treatment or ones that are due/past due in hygiene with remaining insurance benefits that are going to run out at the end of this year? Do what you can to help them see the need and value in scheduling an appointment this month before the end of the year rush really kicks in to high gear!

Dental Education Opportunity:

November is American & National Diabetes Month

Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes.
People with diabetes are 2 times more likely to develop serious gum disease.
The America Diabetes Association says: “Emerging research suggests that the relationship between serious gum disease and diabetes is two-way. Not only are people with diabetes more susceptible to serious gum disease, but serious gum disease may have the potential to affect blood glucose control and contribute to the progression of diabetes.”

Use this month to educate your patients about the connections between diabetes and gum disease while they are in the chair and or via email, office newsletters and your social media sites.

Cosmetic Dentistry Opportunity:

Many of your patients will soon be attending holiday parties/events and typically with these special occasions come a lot of picture-taking. Now is a great time to help them see how they can easily get their smile ready for the camera with teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatment/procedures.

Here are 3 More Ways to Help Your Patients
Smile in November!

World Kindness Week: 11-17 – Have Gift Of Health Certificates for your patients to share with their friends, co-workers, neighbors and family. What about handing out special surprise gifts for your patients or deliver gifts to local businesses this week. Perhaps there is a patient coming in this week for treatment that is experiencing serious financial hardship and would benefit from some extra kindness by you donating some of their dental treatment.

National Game & Puzzle Week: 24-30 – You could have a fun drawing for a Gift Basket filled with family games & puzzles.


Flossing day: 29th – Post fun floss facts on social media. Make a video to share on YouTube demonstrating proper flossing techniques.

I would  love to hear all about your plans to make November a great month. Please comment below with your ideas. If you haven’t yet subscribed to receive these free dental marketing ideas via your email each month, please do so today. Feel free to share these posts with all of your dental friends!

Yours for Greater Success,


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