Dental Marketing Ideas for February (2014)

“Away in a meadow all covered with snow
The little old groundhog looks for his shadow
The clouds in the sky determine our fate
If winter will leave us all early or late.”
Don Halley

Hello Dental Friends,

How are you faring this winter? In my neck of the woods, we’re freezing this week. Because of this winter chill, my kids ended up with an extended winter break from school…an extra 3 days off!

Today they started back to school and I am happy to be able to sit down and type up some dental marketing ideas for the month of February.

NOTE: See updated ideas for February hereFebruary Dental Marketing and Practice Management Ideas

hayden consulting dental marketing ideas

Here you go….

(NOTE: If you’re looking for ideas to promote February’s Children’s Dental Health Month please look to this post Dental Marketing Ideas for February- Focus: Children’s Dental Health Month it is filled with ideas for you.)

Our focus this month is Heart Health.

Talking Points:

Dental Health And Heart Disease Are Related

Dental health and heart disease are intricately linked and the cost for avoiding advanced periodontal disease or even something as mild as gingivitis may very well prove to be the cause of serious medical problems in the future.

Be good to your heart beginning with good oral health.


Special Days:

Women’s Heart Week: 1-7 – Focus this week on Women’s Heart Health. Have a special gift for your female patients. Hand out heart healthy tips for your patients to share w/their friends and family.



Referral Incentives:

Every patient that refers a new patient to your office this month can pick out a special gift. Wrap gifts in heart themed packaging and display in the office.

Have fun with this heart theme!  If you would like me to create a Heart Health marketing campaign for your office, one that includes ideas for special offers, patient give-aways/drawings, community involvement, cross marketing with local businesses and patient education scripting, please contact me today at

Here are 3 More Ways To Help Your Team and Patients Smile in February!



Random Acts of Kindness Week 9-15-

Offer a complimentary service to your patients or $ off of their bill.

Pet Dental Health Month – Share pet dental health tips on your social media sites, ask people to share pictures of their pets on social media, hand out dog treats packaged with your office information. Even if a patient doesn’t have a dog surely they know someone who does…great way to get your office name out there!


National Margarita Day: 22 

This one is sure to bring a smile to your team. treat them to an after work Margarita Night!

I would love to hear about your month and what your office chose to do to help make it special for your patients and the team.

Please feel free to share this blog with your dental friends!

Have a Happy Heart Healthy Month!

Yours for Greater Success,


“Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle …

a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl.

And the anticipation nurtures our dream.”
–    Barbara Winkler


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