Dental Marketing Ideas for May 2014

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Hello Friends, Happy Spring!

Before I share some dental marketing ideas for the month of May with you, I want to share something from another post of mine about marketing:

Marketing your dental practice is like planting seeds. Some seeds sprout right away, others may take a while. You may have written some seeds off as a loss and when you least expect it, there it sprouts and produces beautiful results.  Some may sprout where you don’t even remember planting.”

This point is made quite clear by these pictures….

plant dental marketing seeds

Just look at that beautiful and very strong stalk and flower that grew from that one tiny (seemingly insignificant) seed. Also, that tiny seed in time produced many, many more seeds!!

What are your marketing seeds? Everything that you do, everything that the patient (and potential patient) sees, hears & feels.”

Keep that in mind when planning your future marketing campaigns.

Dental Marketing Ideas for May

may dental marketing ideas hayden consulting

National Family Wellness Month

Target: Families

Feature: Cleanings, Sealants, Mouthguards & Fluoride



  Here are 3 More Ways To Help Your Patients and Team Members Smile in May

National Smile Month -“If your smile isn’t as bright and sparkling as you’d like, why not celebrate Spring by treating yourself to easy and effective teeth whitening at our office? “

National New Friends, Old Friends Week – May 18-24 ~ GREAT Referral thank you and request opportunity!!  (Remember to set a new patient goal each month!)

National Pizza Party Day – May 16th – Enjoy a Pizza Party with your team 🙂

Kids Club or Pediatric Office Ideas:

National Bike Month Have a drawing that the kids can enter to win a new Bicycle. New and returning patients may enter to win . Be sure to promote on your social media sites. Try teaming up with a local bicycle shop and turn this in to a cross marketing opportunity.

Children’s Book Week 12-18 – Purchase childrens dental health related books to give away this week.

May Reminders:

Insurance/Continuing Care/Incomplete Treatment Reminder:  Many insurance companies renew their maximum on June 1st. Pull a report of any patients due in hygiene or with incomplete treatment that have benefits remaining and renew in June.  Make Use it or Lose It calls &  mail reminders.

Gift Certificates Gift certificates for Teeth Whitening make great Gifts!

If you’re looking for even more ideas, please visit my May 2013 Dental Marketing Ideas Here

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If you have any other thoughts or ideas please feel free to comment below. Should you need any help with your May marketing campaign, please email Betty:

“You are as welcome as the flowers in May.” –  Charles Macklin

Yours for Greater Success,


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