a compliment is verbal sunshine” 

“I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the help that you have given to our practice through your insights and ideas. You are truly incredible at what you do!” – C.J. 

“We’ve requested Betty’s help to promote a Back to School Supply drive. Betty helped us to promote the campaign via press releases, social media posts and other tactics. We reached out to her in the last hour and she provided everything that we needed in time in order to make the campaign a great success. She has great ideas and the ideas she has brought to the table really work. She is the best marketing consultant we have ever worked with. I would highly recommend her. We look forward to working with her on more campaigns in the near future.” – Durga K

I highly recommended Betty to relieve you from the overwhelming world of posting content as you are navigating the Social Media maze. I had been procrastinating for a long time and finally reached out to Hayden Consulting. Betty right away had great ideas for my practice. She is responsive and very creative with marketing ideas. I highly recommend her services to any practice who wants to start their online presence.” – Dr. Alona Bauer

I absolutely love your ideas! You keep it fun and alive for us!” – G. Jacobs

One of the first things I needed to do when I purchased my dental practice was to get help and professional advice on all aspects of marketing for my office. I knew that I needed effective ways to connect with the patients in my new practice. Betty Hayden was the perfect fit. She is experienced in the field of dentistry and she is creative and knowledgeable when it comes to patient communications. Betty focuses on the whole patient experience and has worked with me on everything from the appearance of the office, phone skills for the staff and all of our on-line sites. Betty has made a measurable impact on the growth of my practice.” – David Schmidt, DDS

“Betty Hayden is an energetic and knowledgeable consultant. Her innovative ideas have taken our office to a new and exciting level.” – Kim W.

News Paper Articles with Marketing Ideas from Betty Hayden of Hayden Consulting:

” I needed more patients and didn’t know exactly how to go about attracting them. Betty (of Hayden Consulting) showed me how. She didn’t waste my money…She is wonderful!” ~ Susan Cleereman, DDS

“Betty Hayden is such a pleasant, charming, devoted person to work with.  She has worked very closely with me in a vast number of areas to improve my doctor’s practice while building it up at the same time.  Among other projects, Betty has increased patient collections by implementing successful collection methods.  She has also devised a brilliant, thriving re-care system to help our practice be persistent with current patients, reactivate previous patients, as well as ascertaining new patients.   Betty is truly a caring person when it comes to each and every facet of aiding our office.  I cannot imagine where our practice would be without her.   I would highly recommend their services to any and all who want to maximize the ability and potential of their business.” ~ Megan C.A.

“We are doing our book drive again in October (thanks to Betty Hayden). It was a great success last year.” – Amy F.

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