Should I Use A Message On Hold Service?

Did they just disconnect me?

message on hold service for dental office

I called a local business yesterday and was put on hold only to hear every few seconds this crazy annoying beeping sound. It made me want to hang up the phone. Have you ever experienced something like that? Or you call somewhere, they put you on hold and there is dead silence and you can’t tell if you’ve been disconnected or are still on hold? Or what about the business that has a radio playing as their on hold message, except it’s all static or playing some lame music?

 Now, I believe the best customer service is to never put the caller on hold. However, we all know that from time to time it happens.

 A while back I set one of my clients up with a message on hold service, created beautiful, short custom marketing messages for them and on the first day of using it, a caller said: “Oh, I didn’t know you do teeth whitening.” See how that works?

 Having a quality message on hold system set up is a good thing. Use this service as an opportunity to educate and inform your callers while they are on hold.

 What are some things you can talk about? How about, special events in the office, services/products you offer (teeth whitening, Ortho, etc) , any late or early hours, dental health tips, financial expectations, and so on.  Be sure to invite the caller to visit your website and all your social media sites.  Ask them to like you on facebook!

 A message on hold system allows you to advertise to your patients, keep them informed on the latest and greatest going on in your office and distracted while you have them on hold. Please make sure that you keep your content fresh! One of my doctors offices has had the same on hold message for years!! I think I have it memorized. Blah!

 There are many on hold messaging services out there! Unless you’re going to set up a DIY message, my suggestions for a message on hold service is the following:


  • Quality Sound & Voice Talent.
  • Inexpensive – You don’t need to spend a lot of money!
  • Helpful – Exceptional Customer Service.
  • Allows you to change your message/music throughout the year.
  • Doesn’t lock you in to a long contract.
  • Will help you create effective messages.
  • Makes the set up and process easy on you and your team!
  • Allows you to listen to sample messages before buying.

 And if you want my specific recommendation, it is Captive Audience. After much research, this is the company that I have found to meet my requirements and exceed my expectations.

 If you’re thinking about setting up a message on hold service for your office, check out Captive Audience I think you will be pleased. Ask for Kathy ( / 951.784.2875 )  and tell her Betty Hayden sent you, maybe she’ll give you a break on the monthly fee. 😉 I do know for sure that she will take good care of you.

 Have you ever called your office and were put on hold? I know your patients and potential patients have, what are they hearing or not hearing?

Those are my thoughts on message on hold systems.

 Wishing you a fantastic day!


Yours for Greater Success,