Dental Gift Certificates Make Great Presents

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I wanted to share a quick tip with you all. A super easy way to possibly increase collections, production and fill some openings in the schedule. Here it is: Gift Certificates! (I’m sure the title of this post already clued you in ūüėČ )

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Are you offering gift certificates for purchase in your dental office? If not, you should be. Certainly, you’ll have some patients looking for that perfect gift for their favorite grad, dad, mom, or special someone this spring and summer. Save them the awful trip to the mall. Make it easy for them to get their shopping done. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, white smile for summer? Maybe even a beautiful, straight smile with Invisalign?

How do you do this? Place nicely framed signs in your reception room and treatment rooms¬†with the suggestion that gift certificates to your office will make a great gift. ¬†Have a tasteful display of a themed (ex: congratulations grad) gift wrapped box, or a teeth whitening product box wrapped in a bow… you get the idea.

Inform your patients and potential patients via your office website, social media sites, newsletters and postcards about this gift idea.

Perhaps, offer special pricing on teeth whitening and/or Invisalign for a limited time as an incentive for your patients and potential patients.

In addition to gift certificates, you might suggest electric toothbrushes as a thoughtful gift. Wrap your electric toothbrush with a bow and gift tag and put it on display.

Additional tip: When these patients call to schedule their appointment to redeem their gift certificate and then come in for their appointment…wow them! ¬†Exceed their expectations and gain a loyal patient.

One more tip: If you’re looking to increase the teeth whitening acceptance in your office, this article may help:¬†10 Tips for Teeth Whitening Acceptance Success

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October Dental Marketing Ideas


Dental Marketing Ideas for October NOTE: To read about our Practice Management Ideas for October visit here.

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We’re always looking for ways to keep things fresh & fun in the office. Exceeding your patient’s expectations will help keep them loyal to your office. Here are some fun idea’s for October – I know a lot of offices are focusing on Candy Buy Back’s & Breast Cancer Awareness so I will share some ideas for those events and some other ideas just in case you’re looking for something a little extra to exceed patient expectations. (some can simply be used for Facebook/Twitter/Blog Posts. )¬†

Are you ready? Here are your ideas for October…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~

¬†You’ll want to work together as a team to decide how you will promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month and where your donations will be sent to (ie: Susan G. Komen).

¬†Here are some ideas to get you started…

¬†Website & Social Media sites –¬†¬†post pictures of the team all wearing pink.

Collect Donations from your patients and/or Donate¬†a portion of your production or product sales to breast cancer research –¬†

   There are so many ways to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness РIf you would like me to  create a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign for your office that includes: Ideas for special offers, patient giveaways/drawings, employee contests, community involvement, cross marketing with local businesses and recare/incomplete treatment scripting, please contact me today at

For the Candy Buy Back:


  • ¬†¬†Collect candy in-office. Open to the public.¬†

Or you can do this,

  • Team up w/local school(s) and set up collection bins in each classroom where the kids can bring in their candy and the classroom with the most candy wins a cash/gift card ¬†for the classroom and you can have drawings for prizes.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Here are 3 More Ways to Help your Patients and Team Smile in October!

October is:
Apple Month ~ See Apple Month РDental Marketing Ideas

National Chili Month¬†~¬†Warm up Wednesday’s! Every Wednesday have a crock pot full of chili for your patients to enjoy. Be sure to include all the yummy topping and recipe cards.

National Orthodontic Health Month ~ Use this as an opportunity to promote Invisalign. This time of year people are thinking about gift ideas and want to get their smile camera-ready for the holiday parties.

It is my wish that you all have a wonderful October! Please share with me any other ideas you have or thoughts on how to improve the ideas listed above. I would love to hear about your month and what your office chose to do to help make it special for your patients and the team.

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Dental Marketing Ideas for June

Dental Marketing Ideas for June

June Dental Marketing Ideas Hayden Consulting

¬†June, the last month of the second quarter ‚Äď let’s make it rock!

Theme: Cruise on in for Better Dental Health

Product Feature: Sealants (Adult & Child)

‚ÄúA Tooth Without A Sealant is like a Car Without A Seat belt‚ÄĚ

Half off Sealants during the month of June or special pricing on full mouth.

If you are interested in having me help your office create a custom ‚ÄúCruise On In For Better Health‚ÄĚ (or different¬†themed) campaign that includes ideas for special offers, patient give-aways/drawings, community involvement, cross marketing with local businesses and recare/incomplete treatment scripting, please contact me today at

How about a Straighter Summer Smile?

¬†If you are a teen or adult who has been putting off having your teeth straightened because you don’t want to endure the discomfort and unsightly metal construction of traditional braces, we’re pleased to introduce you to Invisalign¬ģ, an “invisible” orthodontic alternative.

 Recare Reminders:

Summertime is a great time of year and it can also be a busy time of year. We encourage you to remember to take the time to squeeze in your regular dental visit before the summer months fly by.

Regular dental visits are so important to your overall health.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Week: 27-30 – Serve fresh watermelon slices just minus the seed spitting part.

Hope you enjoy these ideas and are able to use some of them to help make the month of June a fantastic one for you, your team and your patients.

Please let me know how you plan to use the ideas and what the outcome is. I love to hear about your success stories!!

¬†As always, if you have any questions, comments or need more help to create a successful marketing campaign for your practice, I’m ready to help! Email:¬†¬†or send me a message on facebook.

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